Nevis records first possible murder for the year 2014

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Police on Nevis are today Friday, February 21, 2014 investigating a possible murder.

This media house has learnt that sometime around 9:15 a.m. a motionless body was discovered in the New River, Gingerland area known as ‘Valley’. The body was discovered by Pastor Theophilus Kelly.

Kelly informed this publication that he was in the bushes cutting a stick that he can use to pick breadfruits when he came across the body laying sideways behind a pile of dirt.

The Pastor said he immediately alerted truckers who were at the time heading to the nearby government’s quarry. Kelly described the person as wearing his underpants and what he described as a pajama/night shirt.

Later, the body was identified as Carlysle Hobson of Zion Village. Further information revealed that his body showed signs of violence. It is alleged that he was badly beaten and was shot in his head.

It is also alleged that the altercation leading to the death may have started at his home and his body was removed and dumped in the area where he was found. One neighbor was heard saying that he found it strange that the front of Hobson’s vehicle was facing inside of his garage. According to him, Hobson always reverse into his garage with the front of the vehicle facing the main road. “I have come to the conclusion that Hobson’s vehicle may have been used to discard his body.”

Another person said he made three calls to the deceased cell phone and house phone at about 9: 02 p.m. last night but received no answer.

Medical District Officer, Dr. Chandy Jacob pronounced the body dead on the scene. The body was later removed by Elliot’s Funeral Parlor.

Investigation into this matter continues.

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