Nevis Reformation Party Press Conference

By St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) conducted a press conference on the morning of Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at the Old Credit Union Building located on Chapel Street in Charlestown.

The event was chaired by General Secretary, of the Party Mr. Halstead “Sooty” Byron who introduced the members at the head table and gave the opening remarks. He stated that it was important for the Nevis Reformation Party, as opposition to report to the general public on very serious issues and concerns facing the country. Mr. Byron said that the incumbent CCM government, having assumed office some nine (9) months ago has not demonstrated it is capable to govern the affairs of the island of Nevis.

Former premier, of Nevis and party leader Hon. Joseph Parry also gave some remarks in which he elaborated on a number of issues. Mr. Parry said the recent victimization of alleged NRP supporters was unwarranted because we all citizens of the homeland. The former premier said “We are all Nevisians and everyone is entitled to be employed in their country of birth.” He was of the view that the government was being myopic and did not exercise good judgment in the handling of such matters. Such actions, according to Parry, should not be tolerated.

Hon. Parry, also spoke about the names that were restored to the voters list days before the elections on January 22, 2013. The leader of the (NRP) said, his party suffered as a result of the Court’s decision to restore those names and the implications were far reaching. Mr. Parry continued, “The ramifications and repercussions were profound and as a result cost us the elections.” Mr. Parry claimed that those names have been removed from the list but the damage has already been done.

He also executed with great minuteness, the issue about the case that went before the Court of Appeal. Hon. Parry said last week a decision was made on the island of Nevis by the Court of Appeal that neither him nor Mr. Hensley Daniel is responsible for cost. He noted that seemingly, a few people have tried to confuse the issue and have given the impression that the Court pardoned them and others would have to pay the cost on their behalf. Hon. Parry said both he and his former deputy have been freed from all costs and no one has to pay cost on their behalf.

Former Deputy Premier, Mr. Hensley Daniel spoke subsequently after his Party leader. He said one must ask the question, if in a democratic society that a Court should convict a person and then sought to find the crime in succession to the verdict. Mr. Daniel stated, he found it quite alarming that judges ordered them to pay cost when they were not charged with anything. Daniel noted that the Court removed the order for them to pay cost not because Mrs. Lawrence and Mr. Benjamin accept any responsibility to pay it but because there was no basis for him or Mr. Parry to pay it.

Senator, Hon. Carlisle Powell gave some brief remarks. Mr. Powell said, that when the Nevis Reformation Party was in office Hon. Mark Brantley complained that Nevis News Cast (NNC) was not accessible to him.” I am delighted to see (NNC) here this morning” stated Mr. Powell but “NNC” covered a march we had a few days ago and we are yet to see any footage on the local station. Powell said, ‘We must remember that is same issue Mr. Brantley went to Court on so I hope that will change shortly and the opposition will have equal access’.

Senator Powell also noted, that his party continues to focus on the mismanagement of Nevis. He said that it should be of no surprise to Nevisians that the country is in a coma because the current Premier has never shown any competence to lead. He claimed that the Concerned Citizens Movement is incapable of governing the country and it is virtually impossible to get Nevis out of ‘neutral gear’. In conclusion the senator stated that the country is in neutral and the government is fast asleep.

Representative for the constituency of St. Paul’s, Hon. Robelto Hector was the last member to address the gathering. He spoke about the Fisheries Complex and the dishonesty of Premier Hon. Vance Amory who said there was no signing between the NIA and the Japanese Government concerning the Fisheries Complex. Hon. Hector said the premier was deliberate in his attempt to misguide the public and his statement should be treated with complete contempt.
Hon. Hector also highlighted the disingenuous nature and motive of Hon. Alexis Jeffers Minster responsible for Fisheries. He noted that Mr. Jeffers has reported to the island that the project will be relocated to Bath Village and has also indicated that the CCM Government has been in discussions with the Japanese to finalize the location. Mr. Hector noted that he was reliably informed that the Japanese has already communicated with the NIA that the request for relocation will not be entertained. In conclusion Hon. Hector urged Mr. Jeffers to be truthful and forthright with the people.

A question and answer period followed.

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