NEVIS: Sister of Murder Victim Makes an Appeal for Assistance

The Sister of one of the scores of Murder Victims in the federation of St.Kitts-Nevis over the last few years is appealing to the general public for assistance in the investigation into her brother’s murder. The Sister of Everette Hanley who was gunned down about 3 months ago has used social media to make an appeal to the public for assistance in the investigations of her brother’s death.

Her appeal which was relayed to social media reads as follows:
“Its 3 long months since my brother Everette Hanley the banker, was brutally murdered in Nevis outside his home. I’m seeking Justice, his death MUST never go unsolved. Could you all PLEASE assist me in this fight. If anyone has information concerning this gruesome murder, kindly come forward, it doesn’t matter how minimal. Remember it’s ME today, tomorrow it may very well be YOU. Help us to bring the perpetrator/s to justice. Justice DELAYED is justice DENIED. Please circulate on your page.Thanks for your cooperation!”
stop the violence
stop the violenceWe join the sister of the Late Everette Hanley as well as the families of the scores of murder victims and unsolved murder cases over the last few years , in appealing to ALL who may have information to SAY SOMETHING. See Something? Say Something !. Lets do what we can as a community to STOP THE VIOLENCE !!!

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