Nevis to St Kitts Cross Channel Swim 2018-A HUGE SUCCESS

By Curtis Morton

Ceri Edwards was the dominant force, as she completed the 2018 Nevis to St. Kitts annual cross channel swim in less than one hour, on Sunday 25th March.

Make that 58 minutes and 17 seconds, to be exact!

As per usual, the very popular annual event attracted a huge number of swimmers, from all parts of the globe.

Over 240 commenced the race at the Oualie Beach hotel and from all reports, only one did not complete it. One young male was stung by a stingray and had to be hauled in by one of the boats monitoring the race.

That apart, participants of all ages, shapes and sizes, bravely ventured on the challenging course.

Within the interesting mix, were four 9 year olds; one man who would be making 72 the following day, a couple that was getting married in St. Kitts at 5 pm that afternoon and another elderly male, who was making birthday on that same day.

Add to that, the fact that this time around, the race culminated at the prestigious Park Hyatt, on St. Kitts.

The Special Olympians of St. Kitts and Nevis, along with contingents from the USA, also featured significantly this year. Their cause dully championed by the imposing presence of World Olympics long jump record holder, for 50 years now, Robert Bob Beamon.

All of the swimmers who were interviewed indicated that the course was indeed challenging but seemed excited about attempting it again next year.

Among the other dignitaries present were Premier Mark Brantley and Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn, who both highlighted the event for its Sports Tourism value and worth and Hon. Lindsay Grant.

Ministers Grant and Evelyn actually assisted in the presentation ceremony, at the end of the race.

Winston Crooke and his team of volunteers ought to be highly congratulated for yet another successful event.

The top placements were as follows:



YouthM U-15
 1.45Johnathan Edwards2002Male1:19:49,2  
 2.46Joshua Edwards2003Male1:22:49,4  
 3.86Luke Mcintyer2008Male1:29:57,3  
 4.8Rio Armstrong2009Male1:46:26,5  
 5.115Hrishikesh Srinivasan2006Male2:24:17,3  
YouthF U-15
 1.47Leah Edwards2004Female1:28:25,3  
 2.68Jodie Howell2003Female1:28:25,5  
 3.78Daniela Lascurain2004Female1:29:48,2  
 4.114Alliana Spencer2004Female1:44:05,4  
 5.21Natalja Boulting2006Female1:58:38,6  
show all 8 participants 
JuniorF 16-19
 1.123Kira van Thielen2000Female1:44:08,6  
JuniorM 16-19
 1.98Vernon Osbourne2001Male1:11:48,5  
Male 20-29
 1.72Matthew Knapik1993Male1:05:53,4  
 2.79Nicolas Le Tulzo1990Male1:11:14,2  
 3.152Ninian Cameron-Blake1989Male1:19:02,4  
 4.91Kevin Mihic1990Male1:29:33,2  
 5.145Jared Sharza1995Male1:33:20,3  
show all 9 participants 
Female 20-29
 1.36Allie Day1993Female1:07:46,0  
 2.131Maddi Webb1993Female1:09:29,2  
 3.113Mara Silka1994Female1:11:38,4  
 4.130Colleen Webb1991Female1:17:02,0  
 5.129Brigid Webb1989Female1:19:49,4  
show all 14 participants 
Male 30-39
 1.39Kevin Donlon1978Male1:05:34,3  
 2.26William Carr1979Male1:14:07,5  
 3.30Camille Cordeau1980Male1:27:03,0  
 4.31Barry Crane1978Male1:29:47,5  
 5.148John Geier1979Male1:30:57,0  
show all 13 participants 
Female 30-39
 1.43Ceri Edwards1978Female0:58:17,6  
 2.54Jill Fourie1979Female1:24:27,4  
 3.49Sally Farnsworth1987Female1:30:11,5  
 4.119Mare Ter Horst1985Female1:36:35,4  
 5.71Olga Kislinskaya1981Female1:41:56,0  
show all 9 participants 
Male 40-49
 1.124Mike van Thielen1971Male1:08:09,5  
 2.32Daniel Crease1972Male1:08:32,5  
 3.76Daniel Kommel1976Male1:17:20,0  
 4.125Adriano Vatta1974Male1:24:08,0  
 5.22Justin Bowen1977Male1:24:10,3  
show all 17 participants 
Female 40-49
 1.3Rebeccah Wassner1975Female1:03:43,5  
 2.1Jane Hansom1969Female1:15:57,4  
 3.73Sarah Knox1974Female1:19:10,1  
 4.75Marianna Koljubakin1970Female1:20:26,3  
 5.38Sylvia Dohnert1970Female1:34:53,1  
show all 7 participants 
Male 50-59
 1.141Paul Silka1961Male1:08:38,5  
 2.103Billy Pritchard1963Male1:10:14,0  
 3.166Peter Carr1960Male1:13:38,2  
 4.29William Corcoran1961Male1:18:13,4  
 5.111Robert Sarussi1962Male1:18:41,1  
show all 28 participants 
Female 50-59`
 1.63Susan Harris1965Female1:15:41,1  
 2.16Annee Blaum1963Female1:18:30,6  
 3.142Lisa Hibberd1963Female1:22:15,0  
 4.69Jaqueline Jodhan1965Female1:28:17,2  
 5.7Wendy Ammon1960Female1:31:36,2  
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Male 60-69
 1.55Craig Franz1953Male1:08:09,2  
 2.77Alan Kopin1955Male1:22:04,1  
 3.10Stephen Baker1954Male1:22:15,0  
 4.95William Mulligan1957Male1:27:44,3  
 5.53Patrick Flanery1957Male1:29:09,0  
show all 11 participants 
Female 60-69
 1.104Patty Prouty1955Female1:17:02,3  
 2.42Helen Ederer1953Female1:32:16,0  
Male 70+
 1.4Skip Fry1946Male1:32:33,5  
 2.74Jan Koelega1943Male2:17:57,2  
Team Relay by 4
 1.163R8 Ludke Corlette  1:23:22,4  
 2.157R2 Sofl  1:35:18,3  
 3.160R5 Soskn  1:42:30,1  
 4.156R1 Sofl  1:43:38,0  
 5.162R7 Dalley Wedding Team  1:52:02,4  

Overall Results


 1.43Ceri Edwards1978FemaleFemale 30-390:58:17,6  
 2.3Rebeccah Wassner1975FemaleFemale 40-491:03:43,5  
 3.39Kevin Donlon1978MaleMale 30-391:05:34,3  
 4.72Matthew Knapik1993MaleMale 20-291:05:53,4  
 5.36Allie Day1993FemaleFemale 20-291:07:46,0  
 6.55Craig Franz1953MaleMale 60-691:08:09,2  
 7.124Mike van Thielen1971MaleMale 40-491:08:09,5  
 8.32Daniel Crease1972MaleMale 40-491:08:32,5  
 9.141Paul Silka1961MaleMale 50-591:08:38,5  
 10.131Maddi Webb1993FemaleFemale 20-291:09:29,2  
show all 143 participants 
Team Relay by 4
 1.163R8 Ludke Corlette   1:23:22,4  
 2.157R2 Sofl   1:35:18,3  
 3.160R5 Soskn   1:42:30,1  
 4.156R1 Sofl   1:43:38,0  
 5.162R7 Dalley Wedding Team   1:52:02,4  
 6.171Team Le Mentec   1:55:00,2  
 7.158R3 Soskn   1:55:19,3  
 8.159R4 Sotn   1:58:42,4  
 9.161R6 Soskn   2:13:13,2  




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