Nevis’ Under 15 on Winning Roll

By:Curtis Morton

The Nevis under 15 cricket team is on winning roll, having won two matches in as many days.

On Saturday 22nd April, the Nevis under 15’s engaged their Kittitian counterparts at the ET Willett Park.

The Nevis under 15’s comprehensively won the match by 8 wickets.

Summarized scores: St. Kitts under 15: 82 all out in 21.1 overs: Akadianto Willet 2 for 11; Tajarie Clarke 2 for 7; Jaden Carmichael 2 for 9 and Carlon Smithen 3 for 4

Nevis under 15’s: 83 for 2 from 9.4 overs

Justin 30; Patrice Nisbett 21 and Carlon Tuckett 15*

Nevis under 15’s won by 8 wickets

On Sunday 23rd April, the Nevis under 15’s then sparred off with the Nevis under 17 team, at the ET Willet Park and won over their older opponents in grand style, by all of 80 runs.

Summarized scores: Nevis under 15’s: 167 for 2 from 25 overs: Carlon Tuckett 58*; Justin 44; Patrice Nisbett 19; Peter Charles 20*

Trishawn Francis 1 for 23

Nevis under 17’s: 87 all out in 21.1 overs

Jaden Carmichael 5 for 15 and Carlon Tuckett 2 for 8

Nevis under 15’s won by 80 runs

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