Nevisian Debaters Off To Antigua

Charlestown-Nevis-A contingent of debaters and their supporters left the Charlestown pier on Thursday 28th February, en route to St. Kitts, where they were scheduled to board a flight to Antigua.
That is where the annual Leeward Islands debate will be held this weekend.
There are six islands participating: Anguilla, St. Kitts; Nevis; Montserrat; St. Maarten and host Antigua.
The debates will be held at the American University of Antigua.
Team Nevis will be well represented by: Dahlia Slack; Kervincia Webbe; Delcia Burke; Azel Williams; Zidan Wilkin and Patrice Nisbett the second.
Accompanying teacher, Miss Ercia Blake, is confident that team Nevis will indeed bring home the champion’s trophy.
Final Moot assignments:
Night one-St. Maarten v Montserrat
‘Emphasis on environmental conservation retards the capacity of developing nations to compete on the global economy’
Night two-St. Kitts v Anguilla
‘Regional integration in the Caribbean is more of a theoretical concept than a practical reality’
This will be followed by the winner of debate one versus Antigua
‘Dependence on tourism is stymieing the economic development of the Caribbean region’
Night three –winner of debate 2 versus Nevis
‘The lack of trusting our own people is the main reason why the majority of CARICOM states are yet to adopt the Caribbean court of justice as their final court of appeal.’

Night four-winner of debate 3 versus winner of debate 4
‘Caribbean countries have not done enough to afford the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community the same legal rights and protections as other citizens.’

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