Malcolm George Ramsey was immaculately attired, complete with coat and tie, as he boarded the MV Sea Hustler on Tuesday 18th October, en route to St. Kitts where he was scheduled to board a flight for Miami.

In a quick interview with the renowned FIFA Referee’s Assessor, he revealed that he was off to officiate as Referee’s Assessor in a game to be played in Mexico, between W-Connections Wanderers and a team from Mexico.

This match is a part of the last round of matches in the CONCACAF champions’ league.

FIFA qualified Referee, Kimbel Ward was also on board the boat, set to catch another flight in St. Kitts, as he was headed for Seattle, where he would be the Referee in another of the CONCACAF champion league matches.

Ramsey deemed it a privilege for himself and Ward to be selected to officiate in the final round of matches in the league and noted that for his game, the officials will be all Canadians, with one of them having the distinction of being a world cup Referee in 2014.

During his hectic short stint away, Ramsey was set to overnight in Miami on Tuesday night; fly to Mexico on Wednesday; officiate in the game on Thursday and return home on Friday.

Ward is due to have a similar hectic stint as well.

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