New Acting Deputy Governor General Sworn in for Nevis

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-The Swearing-In Ceremony for the Acting Deputy Governor General of Nevis, Her Honor, Mrs. Majorie Morton took place today, Friday, September 1, 2017 at the High Court in Charlestown.

Government officials and other well wishers showed up at the historic event.

The opening remarks were given by His Excellency Sir S.W Tapley Seaton, Governor General of St. Kitts and Nevis. He indicated that they were ultimately brought to that moment by the resignation of former Deputy Governor General Hon Eustace John. Sir Seaton noted that the office of the Governor General was contacted by the Nevis Island Administration for what we were witnessing today.

The Oath was administered by His Lordship, the Hon Justice Trevor Ward Q.C.

During his congratulatory remarks to Her Honor, Sir Tapley Seaton thanked Justice Ward for administering the Oath. He pointed out that Justice Ward is currently on vacation, and it was gracious of him to have broken his leave to be present at the ceremony. Sir Seaton noted that Her Honor is well qualified for the job having served in a number of key positions prior to this one. In closing he wished Her Honor all the best in her endeavors.

Premier of Nevis, Hon Vance Amory also gave some remarks. He noted that his first interaction with Her Honor was at the Charlestown Secondary School when he was a student. Amory stated that Her Honor went away to pursue studies in nursing but when she returned home she did not get onto that field so she taught Human Biology and English at the Charlestown Secondary School.

The Premier said later on they taught English together and all whom she taught, said that Her Honor was an excellent English tutor. Amory indicated that Her Honor has served in a number of important roles in Nevis thus far. Those roles he said included the first Clerk of the Nevis Island Assembly and the first female Speaker of the House.

The Response was then given by Mrs. Majorie Morton. She said that she was in awe of what was bestowed upon her. She indicated that when she was asked to be Acting Governor General, she said that she would not because of herself but because she is reminded of our motto “Country above Self”. She further stated, that whatever she can do for the betterment of mankind she will never hesitate to do it.  Her Honor thanked all those who have given support thus far. She said, “All those persons who visited me at my home, called or texted me on the phone I want to say thank you for your support”.


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