New Innovation in Store for JLPS Sports Day This Year

It was supposed to be a surprise but the cat is out of the bag now.’
Those were the words of coach at the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School (JLPS), Kurvin Wallace, on Thursday 21st January.
The former Olympian was paid a surprise visit by the Communications Department staff of the Ministry of Social Development, as he marked out the track at the Gingerland Recreation Ground aka BALL PASTURE.
Wallace indicated that he was not only preparing the track for the upcoming heats but also for the grand sports day for the school.
He was ably assisted by grounds man CALLI WEED and Dwayne Liburd.
He also revealed that the sports enthusiasts will be in for a pleasant surprise this year as the track is being re-marked to accommodate the sprint races in a manner that will ensure that all of the races conclude at the spot where the judges and other officials are normally seated.
In previous years, the officials and the spectators would have to move to another part of the field in order to witness the sprint races.
Asked about the measurements, Wallace noted that he had been trained in the marking of the track by Mr. Beazer and additionally he had also done some research on the internet in order to get the specific measurements required.
He is confident that the new innovation will be adequately accommodated on the field.
He used the opportunity to beseech the spectators who would show up at the sports meet to be appreciative and cooperative as he indicated that ‘change is good and necessary.’
Asked if the defending Inter primary champs are feeling extra pressured this year, a confident Wallace stated that his athletes are ready and motivated and he is confident that they will be up to the task, when the time arrives.
He also gave an update as regards upcoming preliminary events for his school:
Wednesday 27th January—junior boys cross country
Thursday 28th January-junior girls cross country
Friday 29th January-Road relay
The races are set to commence at about 2.15 pm on all days and the motoring public is kindly asked to be guided accordingly.

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