New network security equipment available to the Caribbean

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados — Unmatched performance, efficiency, and lower costs are among the key benefits that Caribbean governments and businesses can expect from the recent unveiling by FORTINET, a US-based worldwide provider and leader in network security, of their Fortigate 3700D series security appliance which is believed to be the world’s fastest data center firewall.

According to Gilbert Perez, Fortinet’s country manager for the English-speaking Caribbean, the new appliance comes equipped with plenty of 10G and 40G interfaces that regional data center customers demand and is able to achieve speeds of up to 160 Gigabits per second (Gbps) firewall throughput while delivering best-in-class performance, ultra-low latency and IPv4 to IPv6 performance parity.

Commented Perez: “Now more than ever, Caribbean businesses and government institutions are clear about the importance of network security to their organizations. The internet continues to transform the way the Caribbean conducts business and our citizens live their lives. As cyber security and cyberattacks continue to be a challenge for many organizations in the region and across the world, it is critical that many of these institutions adopt a different and more effective approach to securing critical data. Today, businesses and organizations must shift from a siloed and disconnected approach to network security to a fully converged and consolidated model that protects its users, devices and data and, at the same time, significantly reduce operational costs.”

Added Perez: “The new Fortigate 3700D is a high performance data center security appliance that is designed for regional enterprise customers as well as regional governments and service providers institutions with distributed office locations.”

The new FortiGate 3700D leverages FortiOS5, the industry’s most advanced network security operating system.

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