By:Curtis Morton

The VOJN Primary School held its annual cross country races on Friday 19th February.

There were four races in total and in every single race, the students competed so impressively that the first placers all created brand new records for the school.
The senior boys and girls started at the school’s gate; went through the housing project area; down to the main road; past the Newcastle Police Station and back to the school.

On the other hand, the junior athletes started at the school; ran through the housing project area, and back to the school.
The support crew of parents and other family members was on hand to urge them on along the various routes.

The top placers were as follows:
Junior girls
1st Javonique Nisbett-new record-3:58:02
2nd Kevonique Jones
3rd Julissa Doras
Junior boys
1st Sanjay Constantine-new record-3:08:28
2nd T-Zharee Stephenson
3rd Troy Nisbett
Senior girls
1st Tyra Phillip-new record-11:46:50
2nd Kierra Liburd
3rd Kielle Wallace
Senior boys
1st Shaheen Roberts-new record-9:40:55
2nd Keondre Lewis
3rd Kyris Gonzaley
Updated Points
Green 660 pts
Gold 556
Blue 546

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