NHS Launches HAMITEN Campaign

Charlestown-Nevis-On June 17th, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew made an official announcement of a new role for the $10 bill by 2020, which currently features Alexander Hamilton. A subsequent response from the Secretary indicated that Hamilton’s role would be diminished, though present on the bill “in some form”.

For the past week, the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society and the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society (The AHA Society) have been in consultation with numerous key individuals and organizations within the Hamilton network to formulate a response and plan of action.

The following AHA Society webpage: Defense of Hamilton on the $10 Bill, includes the Secretary’s initial announcement and further comments; justification for Hamilton on the U.S. currency; Its official position; how you can make your voice heard; various initiatives available to “Keep HamilTEN!”; and over two dozen informative articles in response to the U.S. Treasury’s announcement.

Persons are kindly asked to: SIGN THE PETITION AND SPREAD THE WORD




According to Mrs. Evelyn Henville of the Alexander Hamilton Museum: ‘We need your support to let the President and the Treasury Department know of our strong interest in keeping the face of Alexander Hamilton on the front of the $10 bill.

Further, we support that a woman’s image belongs on her own (not shared) bill, the $20 bill. Andrew Jackson’s actions during his lifetime, particularly toward slavery and native Americans do not merit his image remaining on American currency in this day and age. Let our leaders know the current course and action on this topic is an injustice to both the founder of America’s financial system and to the achievements by women in forging this country.

“Please sign The White House petition and spread the word to others,” she said.

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