NIA Committed To Progress of Local Athletes

After the completion of the last CARIFTA games, when Nevisian athletes featured in a significant way in the acquisition of a bronze medal, in one of the relay events, Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn and later, Premier Mark Brantley publicly expressed their commitment and that of the Nevis Island Administration, to the further development of the local athletes.
One of the ways mentioned, was the assurance that they will be sent to as many overseas meets as possible.
In line with this commitment, the NIA was the main sponsor for a group of Nevisian athletes to participate in the Whitsuntide Games in Grenada, over this weekend.
The games run from June 8th to 9th.
The athletes who are currently in Grenada are:

Leroy Chapman
Marcus Duberry
Renika Daniel
Queleel Roberts
Cileen Hendrickson
Royston Queeley
Timothy Caines IV
D’atryel Stanley
Alexander Caines
Laquania Daniel
Tah’J Liburd

The team originally had 21 athletes but due to internal and overseas exams and flight related logistics, only the above mentioned athletes were able to travel. The team is accompanied by
Jamir Claxton: Manager/Head of Delegation
Timothy Caines: Coach
Kurvin Wallace: Coach
Latoya Jones: Asst. Coach/ Chaperone

Team Nevis is primarily sponsored by the Nevis Island Administration. The Ministry of Sports would also like to extend sincere gratitude to the following institutions for assisting financially with making this project possible.
1. Nevis Housing & Land Development Corporation
2. FND Credit Union
3. St.Kitts-Nevis- Anguilla National Bank

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