Charlestown-Nevis-Nine individuals were presented with Independence awards at the grand ceremonial parade, held as part of the Independence 33 celebrations.

The parade took place at the ET Willet Park on Monday 19th September, a public holiday in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The nine individuals to be awarded were:

Merville Donavon Liburd-Agriculture

Stedvin Clarke-Business

Viana Stapleton-Education

Aldris Pemberton-Dias-Health

Errol Tyson-Sports

The Dore Brothers-Lanny, Allister and Wrenford-Music

Rawle INGIE Richards-Transportation

Prior to the awards presentation, the parade was officially inspected by His honour, Deputy Governor General, Eustace John and Premier of Nevis, Hon. Vance Amory.

Quite a number of uniformed bodies participated in the march and generally impressed the gathering on hand.

The Symphonic Band, led by Director Rohan Claxton, was absolutely outstanding.

Conspicuous by their absence, were the Hanley brothers, Stephen and Marvin, who normally lead the Cadet Corp, in immaculate fashion.

According to Marvin, who was on hand, his brother Stephen is currently ill and he just felt like passing on the mantle to the young and upcoming Sergeant Andrew Cumberbatch, who he stated, did an excellent job.

He pointed out that he has been leading out with the cadet Corp since in the early nineties, along with his brother.

Members of the crowd were resplendent in their independence clolours, but none more appropriately adorned than Rodney Elliot, who chose her moment to make her grand entrance into the park, when the Premier was addressing the crowd, totally decked out in the colours of the national flag and additionally bearing a flag in one hand and an umbrella in the next.

During his brief address, Premier Amory stressed the point that everyone is important in nation building and commended the awardees for their work thus far.

He promised that he will make arrangements for two more plaques to be given to the Dore brothers because of their sterling contribution in music.

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