NRP Elects New Leader and New Executive at Party Convention

New NRP Elected Executive

By Bjorn Hanley

On Sunday October 21, 2018 members of the Nevis Reformation Party(NRP) gathered at the Jessup’s Community Centre in Nevis to host its Party Convention to elect a new leader and a new executive.

Mr. Spencer Hanley presided over the proceedings. Party delegates voted for persons to fill the positions as follows: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Chairperson, Deputy chairperson, Party Organizer, Treasurer and assistant Treasurer.

Mr. Robelto Hector emerged as President and new leader of the Nevis Reformation Party.

Dr. Kelvin Daley secured the first Vice President position, while Mr. Bjorn Hanley was elected as second Vice President.

Mr. Patrice Nisbett was elected as the new Chairperson, while Dr Andrea Bussue is his new Deputy Chairperson.

Ms Sharon Hobson is the new party Treasurer while Ms Tammie Farrel is the new Assistant Treasurer. Mrs Chanelle Pinney Myers is the new Party Organizer.

Federal parliamentarian Mr. Konris Manard was the featured speaker and in his presentation he highlighted the achievements of NRP and cautioned NRP not to blame others for their election losses. Honourable Maynard advised the members of the NRP to unite after the convention.

There was video presentation on the achievements and political career of the outgoing leader of the NRP, Honourable Joseph Parry.

Honourable Joseph Parry then gave his farewell speech to party members gathered for the occasion. He assured those in attendance that he would still available to assist the party as it now moves on under new leadership.

Following the election results, the new Nevis Reformation Party leader Mr. Robelto Hector gave a passionate speech and called for the members of the NRP to reunite and move forward together for Peace, Progress and Prosperity.

Later on Facebook Mr. Hector made the following post:

“I wish to thank all the stalwart supporters of the Nevis Reformation Party who attended our convention, those who logged in via social media and those who represented the views and opinions of the Nevisian Public in the exercise of our elections held. This signifies the appreciation for democracy at the highest levels of the Party.

As your new leader I am committed to ensuring that this public trust is nurtured and properly managed to ensure the reconfiguration of the political landscape in Nevis. Thus, ensuring that NRP takes its rightful place in Governance in ensuring the return of Peace Progress and Prosperity in this Federation of ours. My ascent to leadership is merely a small step to the journey of bravely confronting the many hurdles and distractions in accomplishing the true vision of this party which has been properly etched in the history of Nevis.”

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