NRP Leader asks Premier Brantley to clear air on proposed new head of NIPA

NRP Press Release

Charlestown, Nevis (Thursday, February 06, 2020) – Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), Mr. Robelto Hector has written an Open Letter to Premier Of Nevis, Mark Brantley asking him to address the rumours of a national of Russia taking charge of Nevis Investments Promotion Agency (NIPA).

If this latest appointment goes through, it would be the fourth appointment of a non-national to head a major department on the island of Nevis under Premier Brantley’s led Nevis Island Administration. The other offices headed by non-nationals include: The Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA), NEVLEC and the Legal Department of the Nevis Island Administration.

Mr. Hector said he will give the Premier time to respond and then weigh-in further in a subsequent announcement.

Meanwhile, the general public and the various media houses are asked to read the attached letter and distribute it.

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