NRP: Nevis is in a crisis!

By:  Staff Writer

The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) in its quest to keep the public informed on current issues, held a Press Conference on Tuesday, June 06, 2017 at the Inglett Blackett Conference Room at the Credit Union headquarters in Charlestown.

According to one party spokesperson, Nevis is currently in a state of crisis due to the terrible governance of the Concerned Citizen Movement (CCM) whose internal struggle for power has left Nevis vulnerable.

Various issues were raised to highlight this, which included the level of crime and violence and the inaction of the government in dealing with such; the problems with health care; the lack of employment opportunities; the current state of the environment; conflict of interest; the misuse of government offices for personal gain and the poor state of electricity and water services – or the lack thereof in some cases.

According to NRP leader Hon. Joseph Parry who was a part of the Head Table, the present CCM-led government is not doing its job of catering to the people of Nevis.

“What the people of Nevis must know and what is being told today is that the government is in a total state of disarray. Cabinet is not meeting. Parliament is not meeting. And the leader has been challenged and has been thrown off course by his deputy,” Parry stated.

Other members of the Head Table included Mr. Hensley Daniel (Candidate for St. John), Mr. Cory Tyson (Candidate for St. George, Gingerland), Dr. Kelvin Daly (former Permanent Secretary and Former President of the CFBC) and Senator Carlisle Powell (former Minister of Government and member of the Nevis Island Assembly). The party’s Secretary General Mr. Halstead Byron acted as Chairperson.

The briefing was attended by members of the press and was aired live on Freedom FM and also on the party’s Facebook page.


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