NRP takes to the streets to protest victimization and other perceive failings of the CCM led NIA

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Dissatisfied with the direction that the island has taken since the local elections of January 22, 2013, coupled with the perceived political victimization of Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) supporters, a march was held on Friday, October 11, 2013 by members of the NRP to highlight those issues.

The march commenced at the DR Walwyn Plaza in Charlestown and continued up to the gates of the Administration Building. Some persons held placards displaying the face of Mark Brantley and expressing their disgust with him and his performance as the Deputy Premier of Nevis.

One placard read, ‘Beware of the Devil, all he tells is lies, lies and more lies’. Another read, ‘The sins of CCM- no fuel storage, no dialysis unit and no fisheries complex’. Others displayed ‘stop the victimization’ and ‘poor representation by the CCM Government’. As the protesters arrived at the Administration Building they witnessed the gate locked and police officers on guard to prevent those protesting from gaining entry. Nonetheless, the protesters remained calm, turned around without causing any havoc, and continued with their peaceful rally in the heart of Charlestown.

By this time the streets of Charlestown were crowded with persons wearing green shirts. Many curious persons assembled at the sidewalks to listen to speaker after speaker speak about the termination of perceived NRP Supporters and the failures of the Concern Citizen Government (CCM) led Administration to outline any plans for Nevis. Outlining these facts were Senator, Hon. Carlisle Powell, Mr. Hensley Daniel, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Labour, Justice and Legal Affairs, Hon. Patrice Nisbett and party leader Hon. Joseph Parry.

According to the speakers, members of the CCM Administration, prefers to travel the world rather than govern this island. The NRP is of the view that maybe it is because they lack the acumen to govern. In rallying the supporters, the speakers also outlined the hypocrisy of the CCM Government. They fired back at the CCM which has now formed an alliance with the other parties represented on the Federal Opposition benches, and have pledged for form a Unity Government.

Minister Patrice Nisbett stated “They criticize me for going to Basseterre, they had all kinds of things to say about me but look at the hypocrites now, all of them want to come to Basseterre now!”

After the rally, Nevispages interviewed a number of NRP supporters who were very much pleased and satisfied with the outcome of the march and rally that was organized just one day before the march. Persons were of the view that a statement was made and the march was a tremendous success.

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