NUGENT’S Heights still under threat

Charlestown-Nevis–Procurement and Research officer at the Nevis Solid Waste management Authority (NSWMA), Mr. Gladstone Edwards, made a pitch to citizens and residents of Nevis, to be more conscientious in the manner in which they get rid of their waste materials.
Edwards noted that there are still some blatant cases of illegal dumping ongoing.
One of the major areas of concern is that fast developing area at Pinney’s estate which is located just off the bypass road and which is known as Nugent’s Heights.
The Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority previously identified a number of hot spots within the residential area, where persons unknown had illegally disposed of a large number of items which included household waste; used refrigerators; washing machines; television sets; beds and the like.
Some of these hot spots were cleared, with the assistance of the Environmental Health Department but shockingly, on Wednesday of this week, at least one of the areas previously cleared was already being filled up with used materials once again.
Mr. Andrew Hendrickson, the manager at the NSWMA, declared that the persons responsible were ‘heartless.’
He noted that talks are currently ongoing with the Environmental Health Department and the NSWMA and eventually arrangements will be made as to which body will take responsibility to deal with specific issues as it pertains to Refuse Disposal on the island.
Among measures to be taken will be the prosecution of persons who persists in breaking the law.
In the meantime however, Mr. Edwards is imploring the good citizens and residents of Nevis to desist from illegal dumping and to ensure that their waste materials actually end up at the one legitimate disposal site on the island, which is the Sanitary landfill, located at Long Point.

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