Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 13, 2016 (SKNIS): Older persons have a lot to contribute to the workplace, says Ann Wigley, Deputy Director of Social Development, who is urging persons not to discriminate against them because they are senior members of staff.

 Mrs. Wigley stated that older persons tend to be overshadowed by the younger ones in the workplace and that there is a reluctance to hire older persons. There is also a belief that they are not as technically advanced as the younger persons.

 “Some may not be into technology like you but they are willing to learn, said Ms. Wiley, who added that older persons have a lot to teach as well.

 Ms. Wigley said that others think that older persons do not have new ideas and cannot contribute to the workplace. The Deputy Director said that older persons in fact have much to contribute as they usually have more experience.

 “They fall down, they get up, they dust off, so they know what they are speaking about,” said Mrs. Wigley. “You tend to learn from the more senior ones.   Instead of bashing them, know that they are wise.”

 Mrs. Wigley mentioned that older persons work longer outside the Caribbean region. However, she said, they should know their limits.

 “If they are not able, they can’t do this; there must be a cutoff point in age,” said Mrs. Wigley. “If you are not able or capable or cannot function, you should leave the workforce, whether you are 40 or 50, because some at 40 cannot function.”

 She urged persons to try to learn from the senior staff instead of bashing them and encouraged younger persons to work together with them.

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