Ole Skool Are the 2018 Basketball Champs On Nevis

Another tight game in the 2018 Nevis Amateur Basketball Association league, was played on the evening of Thursday 28th June.
This time, it was all to play for in the best of three series, to determine the 2018 champions of Basketball on the island.
The two teams in focus, were defending champions CG Rebels and Ole Skool.
Ole Skool had won game one in the best of three series and CG rebels were intent on forcing a game three.
In the first quarter, CG Rebels led by 2 points and in the second quarter Ole Skool led by 6 points.
Half time score: 29 to 25 in favour of Ole Skool
The third quarter was tied and the score then was Ole Skool 41 CG Rebels 37
In the final quarter, Ole Skool managed a lead by 2 points; winning two of the quarters and tying one
Final score: Ole Skool 52; CG Rebels 46

Game summary:
First quarter: CG Rebels 15 Ole Skool 13
Second quarter: Ole Skool 16 CG Rebels 10
Third quarter: 12-all
Final quarter: Ole Skool 11 CG Rebels 9

Ole Skool
Jenerson France 16 pts; 13 rebs; Shawn Forbes 9 pts; 14 rebs
Vance Allen 17 pts; Santos Calderon 1 pt; 5 rebs

CG Rebels
Royden Browne 10 pts; 10 rebs; Donford Wilkinson 7 pts; 7 rebs; Jermie Jeffers 8 pts; 4 rebs
Hassan Harvey 12 points; 3 rebs
Ole Skool, having taught all of their opponents a few lessons, are therefore the 2018 champions of Basketball, on Nevis

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