Ole Skool Leads In Best Of Three Finals

Curtis Morton:

Another heart stuttering game was played in the Nevis Amateur Basketball league, on Saturday 23rd June.

This, as the best of three series of matches commenced, to determine the 2018 champions.

Defending champions CG Rebels, engaged Ole Skool and it resulted in yet another intriguing and tight game.

In the first quarter, the CG Rebels came out like an old truck, with a hard start and took quite some time to get on the tins. The Ole Skool team on the other hand, seemed to be set for game night and appeared smooth and flowing on the court.

However, the CG Rebels got warm in the second quarter and started to look like their old selves and dominated that quarter to tie the scores at half time.

The third quarter was very competitive and when the whistle was blown for the break, the scores were: Old Skool 36 CG Rebels 34.

With all to play for in the final quarter, CG Rebels came up short by three crucial points.

Another exciting game for the 2018 league!

Game summary:

Ole Skool 55 CG rebels 52

First quarter Ole Skool 10 CG Rebels 4

Second quarter CG Rebels 17 Ole Skool 11

Third quarter CG Rebels 15 Ole Skool 13

Fourth quarter Ole Skool 21 CG rebels 16

Half time score 21-all

Ole Skool

Shawn Forbes 16 points; 13 rebs

Jenerson France 22 points; 18 rebs

Santos Calderon 6 points; 3 rebs

Julien Nisbett 6 points; 13 rebs

CG rebels

Royden Browne 11 points; 13 rebs

Donford Wilkinson 6 points; 8 rebs

Hassan Harvey 16 points; 5 rebs

Jermie Jeffers 15 points; 2 asst

The next game is set for Thursday 28th June at 7 pm and if required, game three will be played on Saturday 30th June.

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