One Handed Captain Fails in His Bid to Help Team

In the regional Cricket match between the Leewards Hurricanes and the Windwards Volcanoes, played on Sunday 10th February, the Windwards Volcanoes were at one time comfortably placed in their bid to secure a victory target of 241 runs. They were on 222 for 5 and the excited home crowd was already celebrating.
Suddenly they were placed into a state of shock, as the home team declined to 228 for 9.
The Leewards Hurricanes thought that the match was all over, as captain Kirk Edwards did not bat in the first innings, as he had a broken finger.
However, with his team only needing 13 runs to win, the brave Edwards strode to the crease to face fast bowler Quinton Boatswain, with a cast on his left hand and just holding the bat with one hand.
Boatswain bowled a short pithed delivery; Edwards had an ungainly swish at the ball, got an inner edge and the ball rolled onto his stumps.
Then, the Leewards Hurricanes truly celebrated but Edwards’ bravery did not go unnoticed.

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