Organizers for SKN Sports Summit Say Thanks

Kelvin Bramble, whose brainchild it was to initiate and help execute the inaugural St. Kitts-Nevis sports summit, faced the media last Friday and gave an update as regards the success of the summit and used the opportunity to say thank you to the sponsors, including the Nevis Island Administration and other individual sponsors, coaches, parents and children who participated.

Along with him, was Louisa Manners, who is a teacher and established coach in Canada, who was also on board as one of the individual sponsors.  Ms. Manners stated that when she was informed of the Bramble vision, she immediately told him that it was a great idea and encouraged him not only verbally but also financially by registering as a sponsor as well.

She opined that the sessions went well and would have achieved the stated goals of making the participants, well-rounded individuals, due to the fact that they were not only guided in terms of their physical development and skills training, but they were also given lectures in preparing for college and exposed to information on the various professions available through sports such as Videographers; coaches; umpires; Lawyers; Physiotherapists etc.

Bramble for his part, listed the large number of sponsors, coaches and other members of the support crew, who helped to make his dream a reality.

He also indicated that the summit will become an annual event and will extend to more sporting disciplines and will be run over a longer period of time.  He stated quite emphatically that it will be BIGGER and BETTER next year and he is also seeking for sponsors to get some of the local Nevisian athletes to also travel to Canada, in order to participate in some of the exciting programs that they conduct there.

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