Oualie Pelicans Ready

Captain Ian TOMBO Byron of the Oualie Pelicans is convinced that Saturday coming will not be ‘the final destination’ for his team as they enter the semi final stage.

According to Byron, his team has not yet put an entire game together.

‘Our batting has not really clicked as yet but our bowlers are holding their own. So when our batting clicks as I expect it to on Saturday, we gonna lock down somebody in the Park,’ he said with confidence.

Asked about how well his team will fare in the absence of West Indies batting star, Kieran Powell, he noted that Powell in the one game he played before he left Nevis on Thursday, made a half century and would be sorely missed but added that he had some batsmen who had the potential to deliver and were due for some good innings.

Gerard TRINI Charles
Gerard TRINI Charles

Meanwhile, coach of the team, Gerard Trini Charles is also convinced that his team will do well in the semi finals. He pointed to the fact that at least three key players who were selected, have not yet made it to the matches because of various reasons but noted that they were expected to play this weekend.
‘Once the fellas play to their full potential, we will be successful this weekend,’ he said.

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