By:Curtis Morton

Oualie Beach hotel, was a buzz of activity on Sunday 27th March, as 202 individuals, showed up to participate in the 14th annual cross channel swim to St.Kitts, from Nevis.

However, the swimmers were in for some disappointing news, which caused a few of them to opt out of the race at the last minute.

Chief organizer of the event, Winston Crooke, announced that the actual cross channel swim which would have seen the participants ending at Cockle Shell beach in St.Kitts, was not on for that day, due to the fact that current was very difficult to cope with in the Narrows.

Instead, the swimmers were required to do a little longer swim in the opposite direction, along the shoreline and culminating in the vicinity of the Mangoes Restaurant, close to the Four Seasons Resort.

There were representatives from many countries across the world with only three locals, brave enough to take up the challenge, this time around.
The results were not immediately available but all of the swimmers got out of the water safely, although a few failed to complete the course, due to cramps.

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