Over Forties Sneak Victory over Younger Counterparts

By: Curtis Morton

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- It was an enthralling match from start to finish, as the over 40’s team engaged the under 40’s’ team in a 12 over contest on Sunday, October 19, 2014.

The match was the brain child of Community Liaison Officer for Gingerland, Michael ‘Wise’ Herbert as he continues in his quest of uniting the communities within the Gingerland area and fostering true community spirit.

The match was the penultimate match of a three way series.

The over 40’s team batted first and was propelled by a quick fire innings by Rakeesh and later by Winston’Atta’ Hobson at the end.
They managed 139 from their 12 overs.

The younger team seemed intent on finishing the game in just a few overs and at the end of six overs, they had already raced to over 80 with young Liburd and ‘Pub’ pounding the ball to all parts of the Hard times playing field.

Both batsmen played some superlative shots, with ‘Pub’ creaming the ball in the air and on the ground with sheer power and timing.
However, once ‘Tatae’ was introduced into the attack, he produced a very mean spell of seam bowling and not only served to provide some crucial dot balls but also bowled Liburd neck and crop in the process.

With the fall of the main batsmen, it suddenly brought some sanity to the proceedings. ‘Deli Ranks’, more known for his music, got off the mark with a six and followed that up with a four through mid off. However, it came down to 12 runs needed off the final over.

The first ball was belted through ‘Teeny’ at mid-off for four. “Teeny’ fumbled the second and the batsmen ran two. Six required from four.
The third delivery was a dot ball as it went through to the wicketkeeper. The fourth was smashed to deep extra cover who fumbled and the batsmen ran two.
Four required from two.

The fifth ball beat the batsman—another dot.

Four required from one.

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