Over The Top Maths Quiz takes on new Dimensions.

Charlestown-Nevis-The OVER THE TOP Mathematics quiz, is taking on new dimensions, this term.

The radio program, which is the brain child of Mrs. Sylvia Fahie, the Mathematics Coordinator in the Department of Education, on Nevis, was created to help students of the Tests of Standards grades 3,4,5 & 6.  It was found that there were serious problems regarding the solving of math word problems and this was a great contributor to the poor performance on the tests of standards island wide.

This program was designed to first help teachers know the word problem solving strategies for themselves and to be exposed to all of the basic strategies, to help them deliver these critical lessons.

The live radio program was initiated as a source of motivation for the children of grades 3 to 6 to find the subject novel, fascinating and rewarding because they not only learn new ways to solve word problems but they get lovely rewards for making the effort.

Mrs. Fahie refers to it as ‘friendly rivalry.’

The children will also learn to create their banks of problems for future use.
For the last two seasons that the program has been aired, all grade 3 students listened in on Mondays from 10:15 to 10:30 and answered three questions   They were always excited to call in to hear themselves on radio.  Once the correct answer is given, the students are asked to tell which strategy was used in the solving of the problem.  Students of grade 4, had their opportunity on Tuesdays; grade 5, on Thursdays and grade 6 on Fridays.

For this new season, which commenced on Monday 8th May, the game plan has been changed somewhat.

The schools are now divided into four zones,  Zone one will compete during week one, Zone two during week two, zone three in week three and Zone four in week four.  The Zones are:

One:       St. James, VOJN and Montessori Academy.

Two:       St. Thomas, Charlestown Primary and Maude Crosse

Three:     Ivor Walters and Nevis Academy

Four:       Elizabeth Pemberton and Joycelyn Liburd

The host/announcer is as per usual, Miss Rayness Fahie.  She reads the rules daily, ask the questions and announces the winners for each question.  She congratulates the winners and takes their information for the record.
At the end of the set period for the quiz, there will be an awards ceremony and all of the winners will get an opportunity to meet the coordinator on a special ‘Youth on the go’ show, to talk about their experiences over the season.

According to Mrs. Fahie she is happy that the children are enthused about the program and that their parents are very supportive.

‘When it all comes down to it, Maths isn’t as difficult as many persons make it out to be,’ she said with a smile.

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