PAM candidates, Operation Rescue leadership picket Govt HQ after hours

Basseterre, St. Kitts (July 5, 2013) — The leadership of Operation Rescue, three candidates of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), and a handful of supporters breached their parade route on Friday afternoon outside of the Prime Minister’s Office at approximately 5:15pm.

G. A. Dwyer Astaphan, leader of Operation Rescue, PAM candidates Lindsay Grant, Jonel Powell, and Ian Liburd were the leaders of the illegal parade route which was stopped by Police at the junction of Church and Central Street, one block closer to the PM’s Office than had been approved.

The 75 or so persons following the illegal marchers started singing “When the Saints Go Marching In,” at which point Lindsay Grant shoved through the Policeman barrier and kicked and punched the Officers who were trying to restrain him.

Two Officers who were restraining Grant as he kicked and punched, escorted him to an unmarked Police van at which point Grant kicked the van as he was placed into it and detained.

Officers later disbursed the illegal crowd. Attorney and former PAM Minister now retired, Constance Mitcham, was allowed to visit Mr. Grant in the van, after which visit, Grant was taken away.

Political Leader of PAM, Shawn Richards apparently did not participate in the illegal parade route and was not seen for the duration of the afternoon.

The parade then continued on its approved route.

One onlooker outside the Prime Minister’s Office stated, “Why are they trying to disobey the Police? Why are they marching in front of the PM’s Office after it has closed for the day? No one is here. The PM is at CARICOM meeting. They are jokers.”

One employee of insurance agents Delisle Walwyn said, “why is my boss Mr. Ryan taking part in this illegal parade route? He is a Director of the Company. They taking this thing too far. This is not 1993 when we had an illegitimate Government.”

One surveyor said, “well me arm look Douglas Gillanders. I thought he said he not into politics. We really seeing who is who now.”

A drain sweeper said, “why is lawyer Damian Kelsick in this illegal march? He knows better. And he in there and he still got his uncle Dwyer in Court for fraud?”

More to come…

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