PAM Hopes To Win Additional Seats In Next General Elections

Newly ratified PAM Executive: Jacqueline Howell – Assistant Gen. Sec. Natasha Grey – Treasurer
Sheryl Reid – Deputy Chair
Shirley Julius – Gen.Sec.
Jonelle Rawlins – PRO
Cyndie Demming – Deputy Political Leader
Ambassador Jonel Powell – Chairman
Hon. Shawn Richards – Political Leader
Hon. Eugene Hamilton – Deputy Political Leader

By Clive Bacchus

St Kitts and Nevis- The leader of the People’s Action Movement Shawn Richards is serving notice that his party aims to win more seats at the next general election, constitutionally due in 2020.

“There is growing anxiety about the coming general elections and indeed PAM is entering a new phase of readiness as we look ahead to defend our record and position as the leading party in parliament and in this country with the largest number of seats in the National Assembly. Let it be clear our mission is to increase our seat count from four to six by achieving success in constituency No. 2 for Jonel Powell and No. 6 for Vernon Connor” Richards said.

Speaking at PAM’s Convention held Sunday at PAM Headquarters in Basseterre, Mr. Richards expressed confidence in the future of his party and warned of people who were trying to break–up the three-party coalition Team Unity Administration.

“Sometimes I get the impression that some of our supporters want me to cause confusion and break up Team Unity. I do not need to cause any confusion to achieve anything on behalf of the People’s Action Movement. The Prime Minister is here and the Prime Minister can say to you that when I have any issues I call his office and I say to him I need a meeting with you, and he accords me the respect of the meeting and we discuss issues and we come to a mutual conclusion. My cabinet colleagues are here and if there are matters that I need to raise in cabinet, I politely raise those matters and if I take issuance with anything I state for the record I take issuance but I just don’t state for the record. I put on the record why I take issuance with any particular matter. I am not going into cabinet to break up Team Unity, you the people asked for Team Unity, Team Unity is here to serve you the people and Shawn Richards will give support to Team Unity because Team Unity is about you the people of St Kitts and Nevis.”

The Executives elected at the PAM Caucus earlier this month were ratified at Sunday’s Convention. They are:

Jacqueline Howell – Assistant Gen. Sec. Natasha Grey – Treasurer Sheryl Reid – Deputy Chair Shirley Julius – General SecretaryJonelle Rawlins – PROCyndie Demming – Deputy Political Leader Ambassador Jonel Powell – Chairman Hon. Shawn Richards – Political Leader Hon. Eugene Hamilton – Deputy Political Leader

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