Pastor Wayne Maynard Never Intended To Become a Pastor

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Newly appointed Pastor at the Shiloh Baptist church, located at Ramsbury in Charlestown, Pastor Wayne Maynard, made the surprising revelation on Friday 13th November that he never intended to become a full time Pastor.
‘I am versed in computer software and programming and that is where my interest lay,’ he indicated.
He worked in the USA for some fifteen years as a Software Engineer, until his call to full ministry was revealed to him.
As a youngster, he stated that becoming a Pastor was the furthest thing from his mind. He said that his intention was to dedicate his life to God; live to please him and minister to others as he also concentrated on a full time job in the field of computer technology.
In taking over from his dad, Pastor Eric Maynard, at the helm of the church, the younger Pastor Maynard described the experience as ‘surreal.’
‘I feel like I am standing on a tremendous heritage that has been laid. A foundation that is solid and I just pray that God will give the wisdom and the guidance for me to build on that foundation. It is indeed an honour. For me to serve in this way,’ he said.

Pastor Maynard thanked his father and mother for their tremendous sacrifice and guidance in his upbringing and thanked his wife and the brethren at his church and others who had positively assisted in shaping his life.
He is committed to seeing the Shiloh Baptist church continue to grow and develop with the focus being on spreading God’s word to all and sundry.

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