PDA-The Awakening of the Nevisian Spirit


The Peoples Democratic Alliance (PDA) is a newly formed Social Interest Activist group that intends to create a Movement to better serve the people of Nevis. PDA seeks to represent the people’s interest where there seems to exist a lack of representation. We intend to shed light on the issues of concern that tramples on the Public Trust. PDA is committed to giving a voice to the voiceless and hope to the forgotten amongst us. In addition, our intended goal is to bring attention to critical socioeconomic and political issues, thus enhancing the social compact, which purports to be the partnership between Government, Business, Civil Society and The People.

The PDA will promote an alliance with all stakeholders here in Nevis. Our view is there has been a loosening of the bond that has bonded us together through the years. Leadership has lost touch with the ideals and aspiration of the Nevisian people. Thus, we believe there is ample space in our democratic process for an alternate way of doing business. In the wake of the last election, it is evident that there was mass dissatisfaction, which was demonstrated by the overwhelming apathy of the people not turning up at the polls.

It is our view that in these times, representative politics demands a sober, prudent reassuring; but yet an enterprising approach to governance. In Nevis, the people are facing desperate times; the economy is stagnant while the economic pie is shrinking. Nevisians are losing their way and are being crushed under the burden of increasing taxes and huge public spending. People are beginning to get scared, with no sign of realistic optimism from those who govern. We of the PDA will give voice to the voiceless by becoming the peoples Eco-Chamber. We intend to hold those in authority to account for mismanagement of the public trust and the peoples purse. Currently, we have already received overwhelming encouragement and support for our signal efforts. We look forward to advancing a “Nevis First Agenda.”

In the near future, an official Press Conference will be convened by the “Peoples Democratic Alliance” as we usher in a new paradigm of social interest activism and a return of Nevis to its rightful owners, THE PEOPLE.

Ramsbury Pasture

Charlestown, Nevis


Facebook Page: http://https://www.facebook.com/PDANevis/

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