Peninsilyn scheduled to perform in Nevis’s Cultural Complex over the weekend

Press Release

(HAMILTON,Nevis,February 19th ,2014)- Join Stefan Peninsilyn born Stavan Whyte on Friday, February 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd February, 2014 at the Cultural Complex at 7:30 p.m. nightly at a concert hosted by Praise FM.

According to the show’s coordinator, Sandra Huggins, the concert is free. A love offering will be collected to offset operational costs.

Sandra Huggins said in a press statement that the aim of the concert is to entertain and motivate the public. “Peninsilyn has a unique way of communicating messages using humour and yet remaining positive and firm. He may be funny but he is assertive. In ‘Breast Leg and Thigh’, he is encouraging young women to cover up”.

Mrs. Huggins said in a press statement that the concert is sponsored among others by Four Seasons Resort, Choice FM, Von Radio, TDC, Nevis Spring Water, Digicel and SuperFoods Supermarket.

Who is Peninsily and how are his songs and lyrics like? When most people hear the sequence of words breast, leg and thigh they presumably believe a meal will follow. In the kitchen, the words are usually linked specifically to a chicken dish of sorts, with a style of preparation embodying the diner’s request. But what series of thought would those same words provoke if heard on a gospel musical arrangement?

Only the man known as the spiritual injector, Peninsilyn, has the answer. Stefan Peninsilyn, born Stavan Whyte, is the eldest of nine children. He began singing at the tender age of seven and his musical journey likewise began at a young age. He wrote his first gospel song in 1996. Since then, his musical endeavors have afforded him many opportunities and the gamut of his talent has yet to be seen.

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