‘Phil Simmonds Will Tour Sri Lanka’-Says Steve Manners

By:Curtis Morton

Noted Cricket Commentator and Journalist, Stevenson ‘Steve’ Manners is of the firm view that suspended West Indies cricket coach, Phil Simmonds, will tour Sri Lanka.
Manners was speaking on Sunday, against the back drop of the current debacle in West Indies cricket which involves the suspension of the coach by the West Indies Cricket Board, after he spoke out negatively against the selection process adopted in the selection of the squad which will be representing the West Indies in the upcoming tour to Sri Lanka.

According to Manners, the WICB was within its rights to impose punitive measures on the coach for his public outbursts as there are certain contractual obligations which ought to be observed by such officials.

However, on the other hand, Manners indicated that the fact that Simmonds has apologized to the Board and additionally, the fact that he had already developed some measure of trust and rapport with the players, that he will be reinstated for the tour of Sri Lanka.

“Don’t be surprised, you will shortly see a press release from the WICB, indicating that Phil Simmonds has been reinstated for the tour”, said a confident Manners.

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