Charlestown-Nevis—He has been bedridden for quite a while but when news circulated throughout the island and wider afield on Saturday 26th September that Phinehas Elihu Griffin had passed on to the great beyond, persons still reacted with a sense of shock and disbelief.

The much beloved former Elder and member of the Seventh day Adventist church on Nevis, passed away quietly at his home, shortly after 6am.

The hard working family man, shared an extended life of wedded bliss for over fifty years with the late Florence Griffin who passed away in April last year.

In his early work life, he migrated to England as did many other Nevisians, in an attempt to make life better for his family. However, he later returned home and went straightaway into ardent community service. He started out as bus driver and later picked up permanent employment at the Public Works department, where he served with distinction.

As a christian, his mandate was to ensure that everyone got their just and fair share and so even against the advice of many of the brethren of the church, he actively entered the political arena and eventually secured the St.James’ seat.

As a member of cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration, under then Premier Sir Simeon Daniel, he served with humility. He always indicated that ‘I am here to learn and I will do what I can to make the situation better.’

That he certainly did.

Having retired from active politics, he secured employment as an Inspector with the St.Kitts and Nevis Social Security Board and again served with distinction.

As a devote Christian and church man, he held many offices within the Seventh day Adventist church and was never one to be muzzled or kept silent. He spoke it, as he saw it.

In his latter years, illness kept him at home, for the most part, bedridden, but up until a few months ago, he still had a strong voice and that eternal keen sense of humour.

He will be sorely missed.

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