Pink Lily Cancer Care Launches Educational Column to Mark 6th Birthday Since the Charity Was Launched

Press Release

Lea Parris-Cambridge
Lea Parris-Cambridge

by Lea Parris-Cambridge
Founder, Executive Director & Awareness Coordinator.

Pink Lily Cancer Care
“It’s time for change”

It’s been months in the making but finally it’s here. Welcome to the new Pink Lily Cancer Care column, which has been launched to mark Pink Lily’s 6th anniversary of cancer care services in Nevis.

I thought long and hard about how to mark this event and I’m always trying to think up creative and interesting ways to raise awareness about the sensitive and somewhat daunting subject of Cancer.

I decided, not only to use my personal experience with cancer to increase peoples understanding but to invite anyone who has something to share, how it effects those who it touches, the person diagnosed, their family, friends, employers and community members. We will look back at how our loved ones dealt with all types of cancers in the past and how we can positively change the way we cope with cancer for a healthier future.

We will look at the common fears and concerns surrounding cancer, the myths and facts and the lifestyle choices that will make all the difference in reducing the risks of developing and dying from cancer.

What matters to me, is what you think and how you feel, so I hope I will be able to bring you a column that interests you and encourages you to make positive changes.

I promise to be open and honest. I promise to acknowledge that cancer can be scary, life can be difficult and loss can be devastating and there isn’t one right answer that will suit everyone. I also promise that with faith in God, with loving and caring family and friends and the genuine concern and support of the community and Pink Lily, that you will never have to face challenges alone and you will find comfort and strength and feel happiness and peace again.

As we journey through life’s ups and downs, we should share, support, empathise and respect one another, be non-judgemental and do all we can to work together and make a difference.

We will explore how to flourish in our lives, no matter what challenges we face. I will encourage new ways of thinking and living to enhance the quality of life so you can create a life that nourishes and refreshes you rather than drain and deplete you.

We will examine how we can have better communication with loved ones and professionals and approach those difficult conversations that we often avoid. We will look at planning for the future, decision making and getting your personal, financial and legal affairs in order, No one ever plans to be sick, yet it’s just this kind of planning that can make all the difference.

I will use my skills and qualifications outside of Pink Lily, as a teacher, personal and professional development coach and health and fitness trainer to help you to make positive life empowering changes that will boost your physical, emotional and psychological well-being.
We’d love to hear what you think about our column and invite you to share your stories, questions, letters, emails, recipes, health tips, prayers or poems, indicating if you would like them published or if you request a personal and confidential reply.

“It’s time for change”
one small step at a time!

God Bless

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