Pink Lily Founder welcomes the opening of chemo services on Nevis

Press Release

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis, February 6, 2013 On Friday, 8th February 2013, the eve of Pink Lily’s 5th Birthday, the Vision for chemotherapy treatment in Nevis will become a reality, fulfilled by an oncologist, Dr Erole Hobdy.

On behalf of Pink Lily Cancer Care and its volunteers, Pink Lily Founder, Lea Parris Cambridge would like to express Pink Lily fraternity joy at the opening of the Chemotherapy Centre Nevis and Welcome Dr. Erole Hobdy and the treatment facilities that she is providing for the people of the Federation.

Saturday 9th February 2013, marks the 5th Anniversary of Pink Lily and it was 5 years ago on February 9th 2008 at the Old Manor Hotel launch of Pink Lily Cancer Care, that I, Lea Parris (a breast cancer survivor and founder of Pink Lily) shared my vision of a cancer unit in Nevis, that provides chemotherapy treatment, support and care for cancer suffers and their families in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

“The Vision for Pink Lily came as a result of recognising the absence of cancer treatment or support in Nevis and the knowledge that there was not, nor had there ever been such an organization to help people understand cancer or receive support and care. Another important factor researched when establishing Pink Lily was the financial burden that cancer care and treatment had on the families it affected,” Pink Lily Founder said.

She further explained that for 5 years, Pink Lily has been networking with Doctors, including Dr’s Bal Rawlins, Glenville Liburd, Jessica Bardales-Essien, Gordon Avery, Rick Ishmael , Mark Hodge, Judy Nisbet, Katherine Ferdinand, Dr. Wilkinson and organisations, groups and individuals, who were able to share their expertise and knowledge.

“ Dr Jessica Bardales-Essien who has supported Pink Lily as medical advisor and has continued networking further despite going through her own fight with breast cancer,|” Lea Parris-Cambridge said.

“Collectively, we have been looking for ways and means to provide the best cancer care in St. Kitts & Nevis and how we can have all required medication made available to provide chemotherapy and after care on island. This would help cut expensive air fare and other travel and accommodation costs and reduce anxiety to the patient who has to be away from home,” she said.

She stated that Pink Lily will continue providing its Services to the federation and offers any assistance and support to Dr Erole Hodball to ensure that cancer patients receive quality cancer treatment, support & care.

“When I established Pink Lily, born out of my own personal experience with cancer, it was primarily out of concern, knowing that there were no established cancer awareness, support, treatment or care facilities in Nevis, so I wanted to use my experience to help educate and support others faced with cancer, practically and emotionally and help raise funds in order for mammograms and treatment to be available on island,” she said.

“Pink Lily understands the financial burden life-saving cancer treatment has on the families faced with a diagnosis of cancer, in need of this expensive treatment overseas, also of the lack of emotional support and counseling,” she further said.

“It’s because of our understanding of the anxiety, financial situation and the areas lacking around complete health care in St. Kitts and Nevis, that Pink Lily Cancer Care is seeking funding locally, regionally and internationally to establish The Pink Lily Cancer Support Centre and secretariat, in Nevis to serve the Federation in its entirety, to offer support & counseling, a treatment lounge and provide information and financial assistance to people in their time of need.”

“It’s by working together, building relationships, collaborations and affiliations with experts in their fields, Doctors, Oncologists, Researchers, Planners, stake holders, Government Ministers, health educators, careers, survivors and volunteers all working toward a common goal, that the vision (the dream) will become a reality,” she explained.

If you would like to talk with someone, need support, or would like to fundraise, make a donation or volunteer with Pink Lily please call us on 1 869 6643306 email or

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