PLP Constituency #7 Branch children Christmas parties conclude on a high note

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, December 21, 2017 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Building on the strength of a tradition started in 1993 by the Area Parliamentary Representative, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) Constituency Number Seven Branch this Christmas season organised a series of children’s Christmas parties in the various villages that culminated on Tuesday December 19.

Dr Harris who is the Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and the National Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party, one of the three parties in the ruling Team Unity Administration, took time off from his busy national schedule to attend two of the parties held on Tuesday.

“I am extremely delighted at the large number of these very enthusiastic children who have turned out for this year’s kiddies’ Christmas parties,” said Prime Minister Harris as he mingled with the children at the Molineux hard courts where this year’s party was held for the children living around the area.

“St. Kitts and Nevis is a nation under God and when these children are making merry in this yuletide season and are flaunting natural goodwill towards each other, it assures us that when time comes for them to take over the mantle of leadership from us, the country will be in safe hands.”

Dr Harris added: “The children learn from us, and when we show them love, they too will show love to others. Love is the foundation we should build our beloved nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.”

Prime Minister Harris attributed the large turnout of children to the parents who see the parties as being a vehicle by which the children could build camaraderie with each other, and appreciate the love given to them by their Area Parliamentary Representative the fact that some of the younger parents would have partaken of Dr Harris’ goodwill when they were children.

“I am happy that for all the years that I have been serving as a member of parliament some twenty four years now from 1993, this activity has continued without stop,” said Prime Minister Harris. “So to all my supporters, all my fans, the organising committee of the Constituency Branch, I say thank you very much and continue the good work.”

The first parties in these series were held on Saturday December 16 at Ottley’s and at Lodge, followed the following day Sunday with parties at Black Rocks (Bellevue) and at Christchurch, a single party on Monday at Phillips Village, and the final three on Tuesday at Tabernacle, Mansion and Molineux.

Tabernacle Village had the biggest party, which was hosted by Ms Coretta Harris. She was assisted by Ms Sherrise Taylor, Ms Micayan Smith, Mrs Neaty Smith, Ms Patricia Vivian ‘Vera’ Hope, and Ms Delcia Blaize. The party was held on the grounds of the Edgar T. Morris Primary School.

Among those who turned up in Tabernacle were the National Chairman of the Peoples Labour Party Mr Warren Thompson, Chairman of the PLP Constituency Number Seven Branch Mr Lenworth Harris, Coordinator of the PLP Constituency Number Four Branch Ms Petrona Thomas, and Father Christmas.

As was the case with the other parties, Sylvester’s Masquerade made folklore presentations. However, the children in Tabernacle received a bonus as the Sylvester’s Masquerade members were leaving to go to Mansion, the Ancestors Tabernacle Mummies strode in style and thrilled the children to the level they momentarily forgot the bouncing castle.

Ms Venetta Frederick was the host of the party in Mansion, which was held at the Estridge Primary School grounds. She was assisted by Mrs Nestrelda Browne, and Ms Bianca Williams. The children were later joined by Father Christmas who helped in the distribution of presents.

The party for Molineux was held at the hard courts and was hosted by Mrs Vincia Matthew. Ably assisting her were Mrs Sonia Henry, Ms Eulyn Jeffers, and Mrs Arlene Sharry-Phipps. The arrival of the Prime Minister, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, at the Molineux hard courts sent the children into a frenzy as all wanted to pose for a picture with him.

Prime Minister Harris obliged to their demands and mixed freely with them and holding the younger ones even as they were receiving their presents. They took the presents home as treasures that will always remind them that they have a Prime Minister and Area Parliamentary Representative who loves them not just by words, but by deeds.

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