PM calls on nationals to recognize Government’s efforts in nation building

GIS Press Release

The Honourable Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit wants Dominicans to be more appreciative of the efforts made by the Labour Party Administration in the quest to build the nation.

At the recently launched Loubiere Reunion 2014, Prime Minster Skerrit stated that while several criticize social programmes introduced by Government to assist the plight of the less fortunate, it is the nation’s responsibility to take care of those who are unable to do so themselves.

Hon. Skerrit noted that even in challenging times Government has been able to maintain and extend social programmes and for this the nation should be grateful.

“People must appreciate what this Government has done for Dominica because when we looked back ten years ago, our country was in a very difficult state. We have had to rescue this economy, introduce many social programmes and also ensured that the economy remained afloat amidst all that is going on in the world. We can still pay our bills and we can still provide for our people in a reasonable manner.”

Even in a time when larger economies in the region are forced to reduce the size of their public service, Hon. Skerrit is thankful that his Government could add four hundred individuals to the work force through the National Employment Programme and soon expects to employ another three hundred.

He stated, “We have not sent home from the public service, one person. As a matter of fact, we had added through the National Employment Programme about 400 young people who the state is paying salaries for every single month. We intend to employ an additional three hundred in the next month or two.”

He urged Loubiere constituents that as they come together to celebrate as a community they should also recognize the efforts of the Government and celebrate the nation’s successes as well.

“As we celebrate our community, we can also celebrate our country and what we have been able to achieve together in a very, very difficult period. We all must be grateful for this and recognize the efforts of the Government.”

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