PM Skerrit: Be part of the process to develop yourselves and Dominica

Addressing a group of young men of the Mahaut Constituency who will be the beneficiaries of $185,000 via their Village Council, funded by the Government, Prime Minister Skerrit made an appeal to young people not to let their circumstances restrict their true potential and to get involved in the process of developing themselves and the country by extension.

“I am saying to the young people, you need to make wise use of the money.

Use it to build yourself.

Let that investment in yourself make more money for you and create opportunities for your brothers and sisters, your comrades, your partners on the block.

I want you to take this positive message back to the rest of your friends who did not come forward to be part of this process that we need them to be part of the process.

Let me make very, very clear for me and for Blackmoore and for us the Party, this is not about politics. We are elected to make life better for people. We are not helping you for you to vote for us. We are helping you because you are Dominican. You need the help and the Govt has a responsibility to assist where it can.

In you I see myself. I am still young and I understand the challenges young people go through from time to time. And sometimes these challenges are not brought upon by yourself but by other situations.

Never look at your circumstance. Where you are you can be the best that you can be. I know my friend here is a fisherman and I have been told he is an expert fisherman but he needed the outboard motor to ensure that he can take his programme to the next level.

All of you are the ones who decided what you wanted to get involved in. And you know exactly what you wanted to assist you in getting to the level that you want to.

We have approved all of your requests. Not one has been left out. Not one has been cut. We have approved the entire amounts for each of you that you have requested.”

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