Police charge Bath Village resident with the murder of Nevis’ latest murder victim

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Just four months after being freed from prison on a murder charge Dustin Lapsey of Bath Village has again found himself back in trouble with the law.

Antonio 'Dollars' Hutton
Tonio ‘Dollars’ Hutton

Police on Nevis have charged the Bath Village resident with the murder of 23 year old Antonio ‘Dollar’ Hutton.

Nevispages understands that a number of persons were picked up for questioning in relation to murder of ‘Dollar’, including the mother of Lapsey. However, they were later released but Dustin Lapsey was charged for the murder.

‘Dollar’ was gunned down on Sunday, June 30, 2013 at about10:45 p.m. at his Bath Village home. His death marked the 8th murder to take place in Nevis for the year 2013.

Lapsey along with Raphael Wallace and Asim Parris were recently released from prison after spending over 12 months remanded. This was after Police Prosecution failed to provide sufficient evidence during the Preliminary Inquiry hearing for the April 2011 murder of Gary Smithen.

Lapsey is the second person to have been charged for one out of the eight murders that occurred in Nevis for the year.

Police also charged Jerome Kelvin Williams of Gingerland for the death of 18 year old Chazere Davis.

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