Police officers dismantle house allegedly built with stolen material

Nevis February 19th 2018: According to reliable sources, yesterday, Sunday, February 18, 2018 police officers in Nevis completely removed mostly wooden material from a house in the Government Road area on the island of Nevis.

It is alleged that all the material used to construct the house were stolen from various sites on the island. These areas include: Brown Hill, Church Ground, Burden Pasture and Prospect. Alleged owners of the stolen items gathered for identification of the materials.

However, persons are questioning if the police acted according to law since the matter was never taken to court. Further, the removal of the materials was not ordered removed by the Court.

There are more allegations that police dismantled another house in Ramsbury Nevis, today, Monday, February 19, 2018. That house was also said to have being built from stolen materials.

NevisPages will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.

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