Police Officers Participate In Interviewing Skills Training Course

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 04, 2018 (RSCNPF): Police officers from various departments are sharpening their interviewing skills at a two-week training course being held at the Police Training Complex. The Full Interview Statement Skills Course began on Tuesday, March 03 and involves 15 Police Officers. The training is being facilitated by Mervyn Darby Allen from the United Kingdom who specialises in interview and leadership skills.

“I’ve been invited here by the Commissioner and the [Director of Public Prosecution] (DPP) to introduce a new system of interviewing for police officers. Training will last a period of two weeks, culminating with their graduation if they meet the standard required by the Commissioner and the DPP. The training will include interviewing witnesses, and gathering as much information as you possibly can, and then moving on after the first week to week two, whereby they’ll be introduced to interviewing suspects using the skills which, hopefully, they will learn in the class,” Mr. Allen explained.

He added that week two will also include how to effectively question a suspect, as well as how to question someone ethically and within the law to arrive at a conclusion that satisfies all the legal issues and to ensure that more successful prosecutions can be obtained before the court.

Director of Public Prosecution, Valston Graham, believes that the training represents the commitment of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force to improve the quality of service it provides. He also said that he was delighted to continue working with the Commissioner and the High Command to identify and deliver areas of improvement.

“The training to be delivered over the next two weeks is not only necessary but timely for these officers. They are privileged to benefit from the experience and skill of a reputable and professional trainer, who has delivered training worldwide. I am particularly pleased that the Commissioner of Police and the Police High Command agreed with the delivery of this training. Improving the interview skills of our officers is critical to ensure our investigation and prosecution of crimes are delivered at the high standard that members of the public demand and rightly expect,” said Mr. Graham. “As Director, I have first-hand knowledge and insight of the police investigative process. I look forward, eagerly, to seeing an improvement in the quality of investigation that this and the other training modules to be delivered over the next month will produce.”

A second training course, that will also run for two weeks, is set to commence once the interview course ends. The course is specifically for sergeants and inspectors and 15 of them will participate. It will aim to assist them with leading their officers and identifying areas for development where interviewing skills are concerned.

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