The inquest into the death of Philo Wallace in which an off-duty police officer was accused and which took place on Saturday the 17th October 2015 at Cedar Trees, Charlestown, Nevis, commences on Thursday the 21st January 2016 at the Charlestown Coroner’s Court.

In accordance with the Coroner’s Act, 5 Part IV, section 18, ‘good and lawful jurors’ have been summoned to form the jury in the matter and the rule of law in accordance with the Coroner’s Act is being followed in all aspects.

We understand that emotions are currently running high, but would urge the people of Nevis to remain calm and to allow the judicial process to take place.

We will await the outcome of the inquest which is likely to take place over a number of days, and will use this an opportunity to review and where necessary, improve policing, specifically concerning those matters where an officer of the law is implicated. Once the inquest is over we will use the findings to develop our organisational learning and implement any changes that may be necessary to improve our service and accountability to the public.

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