Portrait of Sir Simeon Daniel unveiled at the Bank of Nevis Ltd on Customer Appreciation Day

By:St. Clair Sazam Hull


(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-On Wednesday, December 9, 2015 the Bank of Nevis held a ceremony at the Bank’s Headquarters in Charlestown. The event was conducted in order to unveil a portrait of the late Sir Simeon Daniel, the brainchild behind the financial institution.

Mrs. Janice Hodge, daughter of Sir Simeon Daniel and who currently serves as Chairman of the Bank, gave the opening remarks. She told those gathered, that she was elated to be a part of such an historic occasion, not just as Chairman, but also as the daughter of the Bank’s founder. She indicated that the portrait was to reflect on what the Bank had accomplished over the years, by the person who was mainly responsible the establishment.

Mrs. Hodge also stated that even though the late Daniel was brainchild, the institution would not have started without the other stalwarts who joined him with the idea. She continued, “Even though we recognize Sir Simeon Daniel, we also recognized the other members who journeyed along with him and made the Bank possible. We are also aware of the roles played by our staff, both past and present, as well as our loyal customers”.

General Manager of the Bank, Mr. Everette Martin gave some remarks. He noted that the Bank is celebrating 30 years of service and he urged persons to respect the pioneers especially the late Simeon Daniel. Martin indicated that Daniel was credited with the idea of starting the Bank and he ought to be highly commended. He also pointed out there is no excellence without difficulty, and since the Bank of Nevis opened its doors for business on December 9, 1985, it has achieved excellence under difficult circumstances. In conclusion, Martin indicated that today is ‘Customers Appreciation Day’, a day to show the customers great appreciation.

The portrait of Sir Simeon Daniel was unveiled by the widow, Mrs. Sheila Daniel and their son Mr. Adrian Daniel.

As part of the Customer Appreciation Day, complimentary prizes were given to customers including pens, and gift cards for gas.
Customers were asked to nominate a teacher, a farmer, a sanitary worker, a fisherman, a policeman, a construction worker and a nurse. A winner from each category would have been awarded a $300.00 shopping spree.

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