Poverty Alleviation Package-Registration Ends Today

Charlestown-Nevis- The poverty alleviation package that was proposed by the Team Unity Administration, in its MANIFESTO promises, has been extended to Nevis.

This was confirmed by Minister of Community Development et al, Hon. Eric Evelyn, in a recent interview.

Minister Evelyn indicated that the program is being coordinated by his Ministry and is a $500.00 package to persons who ae vulnerable, needy and considered poor.

Therefore, households that are not making a salary of more than $3,000.00 per month, in GROSS income, may qualify.

Minister Evelyn implored persons seeking the assistance to be truthful with the information that is presented, as they ‘will be found out.’

The Minister was certain that the allowance will not be paid out in cash but the logistics are still being worked out. The possibility exists that it could be in the form of a voucher or a card system.

Persons who qualify, will not be able to misuse the money either. The assistance is geared towards helping with essentials such as food, clothing, rent etc and certainly not hair dos; alcohol; cigarettes etc.

Therefore, a tight monitoring system will be put in place in order to ensure that the program is not abused.

The registration closes today –Friday 7th September and centers are set up in all five parishes on Nevis, as follows:

St. George’s: The Corn Mill at Hard Times and the Lewis Walters Community Center at Hanley’s Road

St. James’: Butler’s Community Center and the Franklyn Browne Community Center

St. Thomas’: Cotton Ground Community Center and Jessups Community Center

St. Paul’s: Elquemedo Willet Park-Players’ Pavilion

St. John’s: Albertha Payne Community Center in Bath Village and the Maisie Bartlette Community Center in Brown Hill

All of the centers are not open every day but the general registration period is from 9 am to 2 pm and then 4 pm to 6 pm.

The registration forms are available at the centers and cannot be taken away. Persons interested, must take along a valid ID; proof of address e.g. a utility bill and information pertaining to salaries/wages of members of their households.

Non-nationals can also apply, but they must in addition, provide proof of being legal on the island.

Today, being the last day of registration, persons are expected to make use of the opportunity as the Minster is adamant that the period will not be extended.

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