Powell Says That a Vote for Him Is a Vote to Save Nevis Cricket

The Nevis Cricket Association will hold its much anticipated annual general meeting, on Wednesday 5th February, starting at 5 pm at the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union’s conference room.

One of the candidates, Mr. Carlisle Powell, was asked the simple question: ‘Why should cricket clubs and teams on the island, vote for you?’  His response was crisp and to the point:

He referred to the fact that no local club cricket has been played on the island for the last two years and that the current NCA president did not call the AGM within the time frame stipulated by the constitution, which guides that body i.e. within three months of October 31st.  ‘Our cricket grounds are silent,’ he stated.

He further opined that the local cricket fraternity is aware of his capabilities and pointed to his successful tenure during the nineties when Nevis cricket was at the pinnacle of success.

“Don’t just vote for Carlisle Powell. Vote for the mothers who have asked me to come and help. We are doing this for the clubs who have asked for better organization of Nevis Cricket. We are doing this to save Nevis Cricket,’ he said.

Incumbent president, Denrick Liburd, the other candidate in the race, was asked a similar question, but he declined a response.

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