Premier Amory calls for parents to help in the fight of crime

By Monique Washington

The Premier of Nevis Hon Vance Amory has made a heartfelt call to parents who know that their children are involved with criminal activity to take the necessary steps to get them to desist.

Premier Vance Amory’s call came after Nevis marked its second homicide for 2017. 23-year-old Rawlins Village resident Randell Chapman was gunned down while watching the cricket team to which he is a part of play a cricket match at the Cotton Ground playfield. Per reports Chapman was standing by a pole when two gunmen walked up to him and opened fire. Chapman was later pronounced dead. Investigating officers were able to retrieve a 9mm glock with 15 rounds of ammunition in the magazine. When questioned by Nevispages as to where the gun and ammunition was found, the Police PRO Grell Browne said that he “doesn’t have that information”

“So parents”, the Premier said, “if you know your children are involved in any kind of illegal activity, I am imploring you to take the necessary steps to get them to desist. It is not doing the country any good. It is not doing our reputation any good and as I have said many times, we are a country which depends on providing a safe and secure environment to attract investment, to attract visitors because those are the lifelines of our economy. Those are the lifelines which allow us to provide jobs for the very young people, some of whom say they don’t have jobs.”

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