Charlestown-Nevis- Patefield Andrew aka ‘PREMIER’ who is originally of Brown Pasture but who last resided at Government Road, is in urgent need of blood.

Founder and CEO of the Pink Lily Cancer Care Association, Mrs. Lea Parris-Cambridge, made a passionate plea on his behalf via several media outlets, on Thursday 11th February.

According to Mrs. Parris –Cambridge, ‘Premier’ who is well known throughout Nevis, having worked for many years on some of the local ferries, is in need of type O positive blood but would also be able to utilize O negative blood as well.

Mrs. Parris-Cambridge appealed to any and everyone who could render assistance to report to the Lab at the Alexandra Hospital, so that they could make the crucial donation.

She also appealed to persons who could assist “Premier’ financially, as she explained that he also needs money to assist with his care, so that his life may be prolonged

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