Charlestown-Nevis-He was brave right up to the end and even through his obvious pain, he would force the occasional smile.

His name? Patefield Andrew aka ‘PREMIER.’ He suffered intensely due to a prolonged bout with the dreaded prostate cancer.

Within the past few months, he was in and out of the Alexandra hospital, with some regularity.

In more recent times, Mrs. Lea Parris and her Cancer Care Association, would have made concerted appeals for blood on his behalf.

Thankfully, some persons responded positively and his life was prolonged…even for a short time.

He had suffered immensely but through his pain, he claimed a closer walk with God and even encouraged others to follow suit, from his sick bed.

In better times, ‘PREMIER’ had indeed made his significant contribution. He was like a jack of all trades.

Some of the places he worked included but were not limited to:

WESK Ltd; MV Mark Twain; Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) and the Public Works Department.

‘PREMIER’ passed away shortly after 1pm on the afternoon of Tuesday 5th April at the Alexandra Hospital.

His adopted daughter, Shoya Lawrence, has revealed that the funeral service will be held on Monday 11th April at the Seventh day Adventist Church located at Government Road in Charlestown.

Mrs. Lea Parris and the Cancer Care Association, on Thursday afternoon, expressed condolences to the family in mourning.

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